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1. Select redirect type

2. Digite seu nome de domínio

Do not include www. Domain name only - e.g.

3. Get your code

4. Copy the code to your .htaccess file

 Simplify Htaccess Redirects with Htaccess Redirect Generator Tool - Create and Test Redirects with Ease

 Simplify htaccess redirects with the Htaccess Deflect Generator Tool- a free online service designed to help you produce and test htaccess redirects with ease.  Htaccess redirects are essential for managing and optimizing website URLs, but creating and testing them can be gruelling. With our tool, you can fluently produce and test htaccess redirects, anyhow of your experience or moxie.  

The Htaccess Deflect Generator Tool is stoner-friendly and effective, allowing you to produce and test Htaccess redirects with ease. Whether you're a webmaster,  inventor, or SEO professional, our tool provides a dependable result for htaccess deflect operation.  

At Htaccess Redirect Generator Tool, we're committed to helping you enhance your htaccess deflect operation and optimization. Our tool is regularly streamlined to align with the rearmost htaccess deflect norms, ensuring that you have the most accurate and over-to-date information.  

Do not miss out on the occasion to simplify htaccess redirects and ameliorate your website operation and optimization. Try the Htaccess Deflect Generator Tool moment and take the first step towards enhancing your Htaccess deflect operation and attracting further callers. 


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